I love objects that have soul and charm. What I appreciate the most are untouched items with feeling and patina. I don t worry too much about how famous a piece is or if it’s a signed work of art. What I do care about are pieces with a living touch, full of love and passion, even created by artists from small towns or provinces or the countryside.

My specialty is original painted objects with an untouched look and a radiant soul. It can be anything from furniture to paintings, mirrors or decorative pieces. I’ve always been in love with these kinds of things. They warm my soul, and that makes me work and feel better.  

I’ve been working with antiques for more than 16 years, travelling around the woods of Scandinavia and the cities and markets of Europe to get “THE” right pieces for me and my customers. I very much like to combine Swedish antiques with small decorative items and collectables from all over Western Europe.

So I hope that sooner or later you will find the “IT” you are looking for on my site.

Above all, I love my family.



Mostly I sell directly to other antique dealers and interior designers, and that’s why I have a limited amount of pieces in my showroom. I ´d rather fill it up every day with new and exciting pieces than keep it full of dusty items that have been sitting there for ages. Hoping for the last customer to come and buy them.

I do believe that antiques should be restored properly, so if they need help, I give them a lot of care. But I also sell many items in the same condition they were in when I bought them.



Halmstad, Sweden



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E-mail: lucasantiques@bredband.net

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